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  • Big government shouldn't have a role in our bodies: Congresswoman

    Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-Mich., discusses Alabama's new abortion law, why she says government shouldn't play a role in women's bodies and a major new healthcare bill she is co-sponsoring aimed at lowering drug costs and protecting the ACA.
  • The big Shorten: Investors in Australia position for a Labor government

    As Australia's real-estate prices fall at the fastest rate in a generation, some investors are buying property stocks in a bet that the opposition Labor Party will win Saturday's national election.

  • Failing prisons are a hotbed of extremism, Government adviser warns

    Britain's failing jails are so violent and dangerous that they have become a “fertile breeding ground” for future terrorists and street gang leaders, a senior government adviser has warned.

    The Telegraph
  • Liverpool left disappointed but proud as the big prize fails to arrive

    The record number of points and the individual awards were nice but all the thoughts were of what might have been “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates was a strange choice of song to play in the immediate aftermath of Liverpool’s title chase ending in unrewarded victory. It may prove prophetic in Madrid on 1 June but only the opening line – “What I want, you’ve got” – reflected the reality here. This was a show of pride laced with thoughts of what might have been, not dreams coming...

    the Guardian