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  • Would New Sanctions On Iran Lead To Negotiations?

    The U.S. is expected to unveil new sanctions on Iran today. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with The Century Foundation's Dina Esfandiary about rising tensions between the two nations.
  • Iran executes former contractor for ‘spying for the CIA'

    A former Iranian Department of Defense contractor has been executed for spying for the US government, reported IRNA, a state-run news outlet. "Jalal Haji Zawar, a contractor of the Department of Defense was spying for the CIA and the U.S. Government," IRNA said, citing a statement released by the Iranian armed forces' judiciary department. "He was identified by the Defense Forces and prosecuted by the Tehran military prosecutor." According to IRNA's report, Zawar -- who was dismissed from...

  • Iran executes man on charges of spying for US

    The man was convicted of espionage after spying equipment was found in his home, state media report.

    BBC News
  • Iran executes 'CIA spy' amid Gulf tensions

    Iran has hanged a CIA informer said to be a former member of the military unit that downed the US drone on Thursday.

    The Telegraph
  • Tensions With Iran Unlikely To Lead To Repeat Of 'Tanker War'

    The recent attacks on oil tankers amid rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran has happened before. In the 1980s, the U.S. needed Gulf oil. Today, not so much.
  • How the Trump administration got into a showdown with Iran that could lead to war

    Democratic lawmakers have expressed concern about a potential war with Iran amid rising tensions between Washington and Tehran.  The Trump administration has rejected the notion it's moving toward war despite deploying military assets to the region — including more troops — in response to threats.  Critics of President Donald Trump believe the situation is being driven and escalated by National Security John Bolton, who has a long record of animosity toward Iran.  Oil tanker attacks in the Gulf...

    Business Insider
  • Twitter removes thousands of accounts linked to Iran government

    Nearly 4,800 accounts taken down by microblogging platformStep aims to prevent election interference and misinformationTwitter has removed nearly 4,800 accounts with ties to the Iranian government in a continuing effort to prevent election interference and misinformation on the platform, the company said on Thursday. Since October 2018, Twitter has been publishing transparency reports on its investigations into state-backed information operations, releasing datasets on more than 30m tweets. The...

    the Guardian