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  • Iran Claims to Have Arrested and Executed U.S. Spies

    Tehran often makes similar unverified claims, but the latest announcement comes at a time of rare peril in relations with Washington.
  • How the Trump administration got into a showdown with Iran that could lead to war

    Democratic lawmakers have expressed concern about a potential war with Iran amid rising tensions between Washington and Tehran.  The Trump administration has rejected the notion it's moving toward war despite deploying military assets to the region — including more troops — in response to threats.  Critics of President Donald Trump believe the situation is being driven and escalated by National Security John Bolton, who has a long record of animosity toward Iran.  Oil tanker attacks in the Gulf...

    Business Insider
  • Organs of executed prisoners in Iran could be sold under new law

    A new law in Iran could see the organs of convicts on death row pre-sold to buyers if the prisoners agree before their executions.

    The Telegraph