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  • A top Chinese diplomat warns of 'disastrous' consequences of the US making China an enemy

    As tensions between the US and China escalate, a top Chinese diplomat on Monday warned the US it would be "stupid" to make China an enemy, saying the consequences would be "disastrous." This came as the State Department approved a $2.2 billion arms sale to Taiwan.  Taiwan has governed itself for decades but Beijing views it as a breakaway province and has vowed to retake it.  China was enraged by the US arms sale approval on Monday.  A top Chinese diplomat on Monday warned the US it would be...

    Business Insider
  • China will be US military's 'primary challenge' for decades, says Trump pick for top general

    China will remain the "primary challenge" to the United States military for as long as a century, warned President Donald Trump's nominee for chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Thursday.

  • Is the US-China trade war morphing into a currency war?

    In recent weeks, President Trump has become more vocal about the issue that the US dollar’s strength is putting the US at a disadvantage. by Wilson Sy
  • US Versus China: From Tariff War To Economic War

    Authored by Jack Rasmus via, This past weekend, June 29, 2019 Trump and China president, Xi, met again at the G20 in Japan in the midst of a potential further escalating trade war. But the outcome looks eerily similar to that of the prior G20 meeting in Buenos Aires on December 2, 2018, when Trump and Xi also met. Once more, the same post-G20 ‘spin is in’: i.e. Trump declares publicly he has such a great relationship with Xi. There’s a great trade deal soon forthcoming...

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