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  • 'Prepare For Suicide Missions': Duterte Warns China Not To Invade Island In Philippines

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has warned China that his soldiers occupying the island of Thitu in the South China Sea, which is currently surrounded by some 275 Chinese fishing militia and Coast Guard vessels.  Thitu Island, a Philippines-controlled outpost in the South China Sea, is claimed by China. PHOTO: CENTER FOR STRATEGIC AND INTERNATIONAL STUDIES/ASIA MARITIME TRANSPARENCY INITIATIVE/DIGITALGLOBE Since January, at least 275 Chinese boats functioning as part of a maritime militia...

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  • The Accident That Could Spark a U.S.-China War in the South China Sea

    James Holmes Security, Downright scary.  The Black Sea bumping incident amounted to little as diplomatic fracases go. In part that’s because the setting differed markedly from the Western Pacific today. The U.S. task force cruised along mainland Soviet shores where no one disputed Moscow’s sovereignty. This was not contested turf like China’s South China islands—ground wrested from China’s neighbors or manufactured wholesale. That muted tempers. So did the slight damage to Yorktown. Nor was...

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  • China warns US, others in South China Sea: 'Stop stirring trouble'

    China warned the United States and other nations against stirring up trouble in the “calm” South China Sea. by Pia Lee-Brago
  • The US is losing a major battle with China in the new Cold War

    A swathe of the world is adopting China’s vision for a tightly controlled internet over the unfettered American approach, a stunning ideological coup for Beijing that would have been unthinkable less than a decade ago.