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  • Opinion: NASCAR drivers view All-Star Race fan vote as good news, bad news

    For Cup drivers who did not automatically qualify for Saturday night's NASCAR All-Star Race, the fan vote brings positive and negative feelings.

  • Why a bad mistake at work can be good news

    Things may seem dire, but screwing up isn’t the end of the world. By ‘owning’ your blunder, you can turn your life around It’s a moment in his 14-year career as a headteacher that Simon Kidwell will never forget. “The husband of a member of my staff was rushed to hospital – and she came in the next day, after being up most of night, panicking because she hadn’t done the marking for her class.” At the time, he expected all the teachers at his Cheshire primary school to mark their pupils’ work...

    the Guardian
  • Upfront Week 2019: The Good, The Bad & The “Did That Just Happen?”

    The broadcast networks that once hosted Upfront Week mostly have been gobbled up by media behemoths, and the traditional dog-and-pony show gradually is being replaced by daily disgorging of corporate buzzwords. Still, the week had some very memorable moments. Here are few: Most Stunning Star Appearance “Why is that funny?” a bewildered Rami Malek asked [

  • 'What/If' You Were In Just The Right Mood For Some Good Bad Television?

    Netflix's ridiculous and over-the-top What/If features Renee Zellweger as a dangerous rich woman with terrible secrets. It's a little bit terrible and a little bit perfect.
  • The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Top News Stories Dominating the Week

    Republican strategist Noelle Nikpour and Dean Obeidallah - Host Of Siriusxm Radio's "The Dean Obeidallah Show" weigh in on the top news stories and key moments of the week.
  • Bad news, journalists: Robots are writing really good headlines now

    Journalism is hard. Hours of research and writing culminate with publishing a piece with little more than blind faith that it’ll be well-received. Most aren’t. And for those that flop, it’s typically the headline we start with when trying to diagnose the cause of our failures. Until recently, journalists scoffed at the idea of an AI capable of doing their work. AI could gather facts, write simple reports, and publish with a dizzying frequency human writers could never touch, but they weren’t as...

    The Next Web
  • Tax season was good news for small businesses – and bad for job seekers

    Small businesses gave CPAs a ‘resounding thumbs up’ guiding them through the tax reforms but savings isn’t being spent on hiring, a survey revealed A new survey revealed some interesting things about small businesses and this past year’s tax season. Plus some bad news for job seekers and some good news for Donald Trump. For starters – and despite all the news about smaller refunds and the complexities of the 2017 tax reform legislation – small businesses were actually happy with the way this...

    the Guardian