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  • The Point: Here's why Donald Trump can totally win in 2020

    Electability, many liberal Democrats will tell you this cycle, is a farce. It doesn't really exist. It's simply a scare tactic used by establishment, centrist Democrats to keep voters from choosing a true-blue liberal for the nomination to run against President Donald Trump in 2020.

  • Donald Trump touts environmental record to audience of believers

    A White House event to highlight President Trump's environmental record turned into a political mini-rally Monday when one of the president's invited guests gave Mr. Trump a forceful endorsement for reelection from the podium. Bruce Hrobak, a charter fishing-boat captain from Port St. Lucie, Florida, gushed with praise for the

    The Washington Times
  • Donald Trump Optimistic Boris Johnson Can Straighten Out Brexit

    President Donald Trump expressed optimism Friday that, as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson might have better luck securing the country's exit from the European Union.