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  • TV Ratings Show U.S. Women's World Cup Success Good For U.S. Men, Too

    TV ratings for Sunday's USA-Mexico men's game on FS1 were higher than some might have expected. The popularity of the U.S. women probably have something to do with that.

  • The Women’s World Cup showed what women’s sports should be

    This is what happens when women athletes don’t have to fight for relevance. Finding the best way to cover women in sports invariably means grappling with why people do or don’t want to watch them. It’s an unfair question with a whole swath of complex answers, but one that nevertheless continues to shape much of the way that they’re received as they fight for respect, attention and, most importantly, funding. Anyone who enjoys watching women play sports must first argue for their viability,...
  • If you enjoyed the World Cup, here’s how to keep up with women’s soccer in the U.S.

    If the World Cup marked the point where you got interested in women's soccer, here's how and where you can keep up with the National Women Soccer League (NWSL) and where you can find the World Cup stars near your city.