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  • Libyan Civil War Reignites

    Renewed conflict could trigger more migration to Europe
  • The Never-Ending Threat of Civil War

    We and the Left are now two nations within one country. This is undeniable.
  • The Quick Read About… What's Happening in Libyan Civil War

    What Happened This Week: There’s been no shortage of drama in North Africa these last couple weeks following the ousters of longtime rulers in both Algeria and Sudan. But the other story you need to be paying close attention to is the current push being made by General Khalifa Haftar to capture the Libyan capital

  • Democrats’ ‘tea party’ civil war is here and other commentary

    From the right: ‘Impossible’ Dem Tea Party Is Here The Democratic civil war is under way, with the first shots already fired, declares Commentary’s Noah Rothman. First, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threatened entrenched Democratic incumbents with primaries. Then the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced it would “withhold support for firms that work” with the AOC crowd

    New York Post
  • America Still Has a Problem With Unexploded Civil War Bombs

    War Is Boring Security, What? On April 22, members of the U.S. Army’s 707th Explosive Ordinance Disposal Company left their base on a mission to detonate a very unusual object. Construction crews had discovered an Absterdam Type 2/3 Projectile in Ilwaco, Washington. This type of explosive artillery shell dates to around the time of the American Civil War. The soldiers, based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, received a request for assistance from local police. The soldiers moved the shell to a...

    The National Interest
  • Bad History: These Are the Worst Civil War Generals and Commanders

    Warfare History Network Security, During the American Civil War, there were nearly nine hundred officers in non-militia service who were appointed to become generals. Here, William Welsh shares his list of the worst Civil War generals and commanders. Worst Confederate Generals Confederate Maj. Gen. Gideon Pillow. After gaining ground trying to cut an escape path for the Confederates during the February 1862 siege of Fort Donelson by Union forces led Brig. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, Pillow pulled...

    The National Interest
  • City to improve access to gravesite of Civil War hero

    Officials in a Rhode Island city are embarking on a project to improve access to the grave of Civil War Gen. George Sears Greene.