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  • Sanchez: Gun violence is political, and politics must end it

    Remarkably, the 5-year-old girl and the infant boy didn't make a sound.Not for 45 minutes while Kalissa Braga desperately tried to keep them hidden between the toilet and the sink of a small bathroom inside STEM School Highlands Ranch, in a suburb of Denver.An active member of the Parent Teacher Organization, Braga had gone to the K-12 school to decorate the teachers' lounges, but she found herself in the midst of the nation's latest school shooting.Locked in the [

    The Palm Beach Post
  • Want to take money out of politics? Keep politics out of money.

    Kirsten Gillibrand proposes to purify politics by giving “democracy dollars” to voters.
  • Will Trump Invade Venezuela, Allow US to Be Invaded?

    Ron Paul says the leader of the attempted revolt in Venezuela is worth more dead than alive to the US military industrial complex as Trump & Pompeo hint of more action soon.
  • Is Scott Morrison a political genius? – Australian politics live podcast

    Scott Morrison likes to represent himself as a regular Australian bloke but if you look at his career you begin to see how he’s deftly manoeuvred himself to be prime minister over many years. Even if the Coalition lose the election this year, could he stick around for a long time to come? Continue reading

    the Guardian