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  • How Trump’s foreign policy could sink him in 2020

    Donald Trump was elected president on the strength of two campaign promises. He would end foolish wars and shrink our military footprint in the Middle East, preferring to police U.S. borders rather than the world. Now, leading 2020 Democratic contenders threaten to take these issues away from him. President Trump

    The Washington Times
  • Why Aren't Democratic Presidential Candidates Criticizing Trump's Foreign Policy?

    Where's the Democratic critique of President Trump's foreign policy? You'd think that with more than 20 Democrats running for President, at least one of them would try to differentiate herself, or himself, from the rest of the field by focusing on the president's role in diplomacy and national security. It's still early in the campaign. But none of the major Democratic candidates has made foreign policy a focus. Instead the politicians are out there talking mostly about climate change, health...
  • Escalating U.S.-Iran Tensions: Trump's Foreign Policy

    NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Lee Zeldin, a Republican congressman from New York, about what the week's events tells us about the president's approach to foreign policy.