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  • Here’s how Trump plans to play the Democrats — and use their help to get re-elected

    According to analysis by the Washington Post's Ronald Klain, Donald Trump's sudden interest in proposing a multi-trillion dollar infrastructure package that the Republican leadership is opposed to is part of a masterplan to get himself re-elected and possibly fund his border wall that will please his rabid base. As the columnist notes, Trump is a "simpleton" about how government works, but he is a master manipulator at making himself look good and if the Democrats

  • Here’s how complicit Republicans can help Trump remain in office even if he loses the election

    According to Daily Beast columnist Michael Tomasky, it would not be surprising if Donald Trump attempted to hold onto the presidency should he lose the 2020 election, fearful of being slammed with multiple criminal charges that could not be filed while he was president. In a column speculating how that might play out, the columnist said that Trump would need the help of the Republican Party -- and he might just get it. As the

  • Brankas wants to bring Southeast Asia’s banks and e-commerce into the digital era – TechCrunch

    Fintech continues to be among the biggest topics driving startups and investment in Southeast Asia. The region’s ‘internet economy’ is forecast to grow massively as its 600 million people increasingly come online — already Southeast Asia more internet users (350 million) than the U.S. has people but developing a robust payment landscape underpins those heady [