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  • This Is Where Russia and NATO Could Start a War (And You Likely Never Heard Of It)

    Sebastien Roblin Security, The Suwalki Gap.  Of course, Russia would only attempt an intervention in the Baltics if it perceived a lack of credible capability and resolve in NATO. Thus, a 2018 report by the Center for European Policy Analysis argues that the best method to defend the Baltics is to make NATO’s deterrent presence more credible. Since 2014, NATO strategists have focused much of their attention on a forty-mile-wide stretch of border between Poland and Lithuania called the Suwalki...

    The National Interest
  • White House to William Barr: Prepare for War over Mueller Report

    White House Special Counsel Emmet Flood sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr making clear that President Donald Trump is retaining his legal privileges as partisan Democrats escalate their conflict against the president over the Mueller Report.

  • Angela Merkel says the post-war world order is over and calls for Europe to stand up to China, Russia, and the US

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes the post-World War II global order as we know is over — and grouped the United States as an adversary of Europe along with China and Russia.  "There is no doubt that Europe needs to reposition itself in a changed world," Merkel told Süddeutsche Zeitung in an interview reported on by The Guardian. "The old certainties of the post-war order no longer apply." Less than three years ago, Germany was one of the US' closest allies, and Merkel was working...

    Business Insider
  • Shhh—No Need To Fear Russia, Says Russiophobia Report Paid For by Russia

    The tactic might sound transparent, even laughable. But the Russiophobia smear has a long and nefarious history.