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  • How the Intercept Is Fueling the Democratic Civil War

    The national security site has found fresh energy as a savvy, progressive attack dog in national politics. But is it undermining its own side?

    POLITICO Magazine
  • Democrats’ ‘tea party’ civil war is here and other commentary

    From the right: ‘Impossible’ Dem Tea Party Is Here The Democratic civil war is under way, with the first shots already fired, declares Commentary’s Noah Rothman. First, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threatened entrenched Democratic incumbents with primaries. Then the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced it would “withhold support for firms that work” with the AOC crowd

    New York Post
  • The Democratic War Against Trump

    Robert W. Merry Politics, Americas When the president is weakened at home, then America is weakened abroad. It’s worth recalling what occurred during the Nixon administration and its potential implications for Donald Trump. RICHARD M. Nixon brought on his own downfall, as well as the collapse of his foreign policy, when he abused his power in seeking to cover up Watergate misdeeds that were perpetrated by the White House plumbers. But that abuse doesn’t diminish a central reality of American...

    The National Interest
  • Libyan Civil War Reignites

    Renewed conflict could trigger more migration to Europe