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  • France passes a bill to stop hate speech online

    The French parliament approved a measure aimed to make companies like Facebook and Google remove hateful content in a timely manner. The text is part of a larger internet regulation bill was adopted by the lower house of the Parliament, but still has to go through the upper chamber. Once it is done, it would push companies to remove hate speech within 24 hours. The measure is a result from a proposition made by the French president earlier this year, although lawmakers in the European...
  • California Lawmakers Pass Bill Limiting Police Use of Deadly Force

    A bill requiring police to be more careful when applying deadly force against citizens has passed the California legislature and is now heading to the governor's desk. AB 392, first introduced by California Assemblymember Shirley Weber (D–San Diego), changes how police across the state are expected to evaluate conditions and dangers before resorting to deadly force. Currently, the state requires that police have a "reasonable fear" that they were in danger. Thus, police can argue that the use of...
  • CA lawmakers pass bill requiring Trump, presidential candidates to release tax returns

    California legislation that would require presidential candidates to release their tax returns in order to appear on the state's ballot has cleared a significant hurdle.

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  • House passes annual intelligence bill

    The House on Wednesday passed legislation authorizing funding for U.S. intelligence agencies and activities, including key intelligence collection efforts targeting countries like Iran, North Korea, China and Russia.

  • Lawmakers file new versions of TRABAHO bill

    Several lawmakers have filed bills seeking to lower corporate income tax rates and rationalize fiscal incentives in the country, the Department of Finance (DOF) said over the weekend. by Mary Grace Padin
  • House Passes $15 Minimum Wage Bill

    The House passed the Raise the Wage Act yesterday in a mostly party-line vote, more than doubling the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. "Today we wake up for a day of jubilation because of the sense of fairness this legislation engenders," gushed Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) on the House floor. "We wake up with a smile on our face, showing the world with all the love in our hearts, and that love in our hearts is about fairness for the American people." Thursday's legislation would phase in...
  • House passes $15 minimum wage bill

    The bill would gradually increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2025. The federal minimum wage has not been raised since 2009.

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