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  • Congress challenged by funding emergency at the border

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Congress has only a few weeks to advance an emergency funding bill to deal with the escalating humanitarian crisis at the southern border, creating a time crunch that has lawmakers on all sides alarmed. Money to care for Central American migrants arriving in the U.S. to claim

    The Washington Times
  • Trump threatens to veto House Democrats border bill

    WASHINGTON — The White House is threatening to veto a $4.5 billion border bill that House Democrats plan to try pushing through the chamber this week. White House officials complain in a letter to lawmakers that the bill lacks money for detention by the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency,

    The Washington Times
  • Congress unlikely to reach deal on Trump border bill before break

    President Trump's request for more border funding is running into another stumbling block on Capitol Hill.The administration's $4.5 billion spending request got a shot in the arm earlier this mo

  • Senators reach $4.5B deal on Trump's emergency border request

    The top members of the Senate Appropriations Committee have struck a deal on President Trump's request for more funding tied to the U.S.-Mexico border after weeks of stalemate, two aides confirmed to The Hill.The d

  • 9/11 first responder in hospice care issues final plea to Congress

    A 9/11 first responder in hospice care issued a final plea to Congress on Fox News on Thursday afternoon, urging them to reauthorize the fund that provides health benefits to first responders.

    Washington Examiner
  • Sean Hannity tells Trump allies issued subpoenas by Congress to all plead the Fifth

    SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Top Democrats once again investigating Trump/Russia collusion. They once again want to do this, this is now the fifth such investigation and the results will not be any different. As the Attorney General said, it is over. More seasoned Democrats, 43 Democrats, oh, newly elected, red states, they all are expressing loudly, this is political suicide. But, by the way, whatever. According to reports, Democrats are planning to haul in Corey Lewandowski, former New Jersey governor...

    Media Matters for America
  • Trump administration demands $4.5 billion in emergency aid: ‘The border is at its breaking point’

    Having won a border deal with Mexico, the Trump administration turned its attention to a slow-moving Congress on Tuesday, demanding that lawmakers immediately approve a $4.5 billion emergency assistance package to care for the children and families surging at the border. Senate Republicans said they will speed a bill through

    The Washington Times