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  • Breaking: President Trump just issued the second veto of his presidency to block Congress

    President Donald Trump issued the second veto of his administration to block a vote from Congress to end U.S. support for the war in Yemen. The Senate voted 54-46 in favor for the resolution while the House of Representatives voted 247-175. The administration issued a scathing statement rejecting the resolution and accusing the Congress of trying to undermine his executive authority. The statement described the congressional action as "a joint resolution that purports to direct the...

  • Trump issues second veto of his presidency

    President Trump vetoed a bill Tuesday aimed at ending U.S. involvement in Yemen.

    Washington Examiner
  • Congress Has a Duty to Override Trump’s Yemen Veto

    John Nichols This must be a turning point in the long struggle to restore checks and balances on matters of war and peace. The post Congress Has a Duty to Override Trump’s Yemen Veto appeared first on The Nation.

    The Nation
  • Trump supporters frustrated by immigration policy, issues at border

    With Democrats controlling the House and migrants still inundating the southern border, it's clear that President Trump won't fix the nation's immigration problems in his first term. It's less clear whether voters will hold that against him. The president's management shake-up at the Department of Homeland Security, with the ouster

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