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  • Fifa’s Gianni Infantino wants 32-team Women’s World Cup finals for 2023

    • President calls for increase from 24 in current tournament• Infantino also proposes doubling prize money to £48m The Fifa president, Gianni Infantino, has said he wants to expand the Women’s World Cup finals to 32 teams from 24 for the next edition in 2023 and double the prize money to $60m (£48m). Before Sunday’s final between the USA and the Netherlands, Infantino said he would take his proposals to the Fifa council and member associations for approval. Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • Women’s World Cup captured public’s imagination despite Fifa’s worst efforts

    Patronising scheduling set it up to fail but players used their platform to highlight how the governing body lets them down Gianni Infantino is one of those intensely political people who believe that as far as everyone else is concerned, there is no place for politics in football. It was just last year – at some grimly political press conference in Iran, naturally – that the Fifa president announced: “It’s very clear that politics should stay out of football and football should stay out of...

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  • U.S. wins FIFA Women’s World Cup for 4th time

    The team beat the Netherlands 2-0 on Sunday night.

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  • The Women’s World Cup showed what women’s sports should be

    This is what happens when women athletes don’t have to fight for relevance. Finding the best way to cover women in sports invariably means grappling with why people do or don’t want to watch them. It’s an unfair question with a whole swath of complex answers, but one that nevertheless continues to shape much of the way that they’re received as they fight for respect, attention and, most importantly, funding. Anyone who enjoys watching women play sports must first argue for their viability,...