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  • Pompeo claims Iran is willing to talk missiles. Iran says that's not true

    President Donald Trump painted an optimistic view of the prospects for diplomacy with Iran on Tuesday after his top diplomat suggested Tehran was willing to discuss their ballistic missile program but it remains unclear how Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came to that conclusion.

  • Pompeo Repeats the Big Lie About Iran

    If not to gin up a phony case for war, why would the Trump administration consistently lie to the public by claiming that Iran has a nuclear weapons program when all of the evidence shows that there is no such thing?

    The American Conservative
  • Iran Has Its Own 'Maximum Pressure' Campaign Against Trump

    Sebastien Roblin Security, Middle East Is a war brewing? For one year, Tehran continued adhering to the JCPOA. However, the destabilizing effects of the new sanctions proved intolerable. By most accounts, the United States and Iran came within minutes of armed conflict with each other on June 20, 2019.  Around 4:30 AM that morning, a U.S. Navy RQ-4N Global Hawk spy drone flying a routine circuit over international airspace in the Persian Gulf was shot down by an Iranian Ra’ad surface-to-air...

    The National Interest
  • Political opportunism feeding rising tensions with Iran

    Readers share their views on relations between Britain, the US and Iran What on earth did the UK government expect to happen (Iran stokes tensions in the Gulf by seizing British-linked oil tankers, 20 July)? By detaining the Iranian tanker Grace 1 weeks ago, apparently at the behest of the US, the UK immediately put at risk not only the safety of all British-flagged shipping operating in the Gulf, but also the efforts to rescue the nuclear deal with Iran. The sensible approach, using all...

    the Guardian
  • Pompeo says Iran ready to negotiate on its missiles

    Iran has told the U.S. for the first time that Tehran is ready to talk about its missile program, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Tuesday. "For the first time

    The Washington Times
  • Pompeo to Iran After Nuclear Deal Violation: ‘We Are Not Done’

    Iranian officials announced on Monday that the Islamic regime continues to violate the terms in the nuclear deal brokered during the Obama era, but Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shot back at the Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Summit in Washington, DC.

  • Mike Pompeo says ‘we’re not done’ with Iran

    Speaking at the Christians United For Israel event in Washington, D.C., on Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened that the Trump administration is “not done”  with Iran. “We’ve implemented the strongest pressure campaign in history against the Iranian regime and we are not done,” said Pompeo, adding that U.S. sanctions have deprived Iran of [