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  • Apple will reportedly invest $500 million or more in its upcoming Apple Arcade subscription service (AAPL)

    Apple is reportedly willing to spend $500 million or more on Apple Arcade, a video game subscription service launching later this fall. According to the Financial Times, Apple has invested several million dollars in new games for Apple Arcade and is also offering developers incentives to make their titles exclusive to the platform. Apple has promised to offer more than 100 games with the Apple Arcade subscription. Pricing details for Apple Arcade aren't set yet, but analysts predict that Apple...

    Business Insider
  • Apple's $9.99-a-month news service is great if you like magazines and use Apple devices

    Apple News+ is great for people who love magazines and reading on Apple devices like the iPad, but it's too locked down to appeal to everyone.

  • Apple reportedly spending $500 million to fund development of 100+ games for its Apple Arcade subscription service

    Who knew, Apple has deep pockets? The company is reportedly spending billions of dollars a year on Apple TV+ original content, will pay about $480 million for the Texture acquisition which ultimately became News+, and is reportedly also spending several million dollars per game in Apple Arcade. The Financial Times says the company is spending ‘several million dollars each’ on more than 100 games, putting Apple Arcade’s budget in excess of $500 million dollars. At its March event, Apple announced...

  • Apple faces antitrust investigation in Europe over Apple Music and Apple News

    Apple is facing a Dutch antitrust investigation into whether it favors its own apps over those of rival developers. It looks likely to have an initial focus on Apple Music and Apple News, but will probably extend to other app categories, and may also include Google’s Play store. Spotify has already filed a complaint with the European Commission, alleging that Apple Music has an unfair advantage over Spotify, and today’s report references that and says that ‘apps for news media’ is another focus