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  • Australian Police Raid National Broadcaster Over Leaked Afghan War Crime Stories

    Australian federal police officers raided the Sydney headquarters of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) over a series of 2017 reports known as The Afghan Files, which exposed crimes committed by special forces in Afghanistan based on hundreds of pages of leaked defense documents marked AUSTEO (Australian Eyes Only).  The AFP officers arriving at the ABC on Wednesday. CREDIT:KATE GERAGHTY (via Sydney Morning Herald) The incident marks Australia's second such move against journalists...

    Zero Hedge
  • 2020 BMW X3 M and X4 M first drive review: The modern shape of M

    BMW’s latest high-performance M cars aren’t cars at all, they’re crossovers. And with 503 horsepower on tap, they may change some minds about what an SUV can and should be able to do.

  • Toy Story 4 review – new characters but the same old Story

    It may only be a repeat of earlier ideas and plotlines, but compare it to the fourth films in other franchises and Pixar’s latest is an amusing and charming gem Having done so many things unimaginably better than so many other movie franchises, it’s fitting that the Toy Story series now gives us a classier, superior kind of anticlimax. Compared to many fourquels we’ve had in the past – Jaws IV: The Revenge; Superman IV: The Quest for Peace; Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol – Toy Story 4 is...

    the Guardian
  • Toy Story 4 review: Hilarious jokes barely save a story lacking stakes

    Spoiler-free: Fantastic writing and technical flourishes spruce up a Pixar sequel that doesn't have the emotional pull fans might expect.