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  • US companies sidestep US Huawei export ban

    US technology companies including Qualcomm and Intel reportedly found ways to sidestep the government’s export

    Mobile World Live
  • The US has banned cruises to Cuba

    ruise ships from the US have been banned from docking in Cuba.

    The Telegraph
  • Cat declawing: Should it be banned, and why does it happen in the US?

    New York might become the first US state to ban cat declawing - but it's been illegal in Europe for years.

    BBC News
  • Banning dangerous chemicals could save the US billions

    It’s a myth that environmental regulations stifle economic productivity. Harmful chemicals cost the US $340bn a year The Trump administration has argued that environmental regulations hold back economic productivity. Yet history suggests that the opposite is the case. Look at phasing out lead in gasoline. To this day, the US receives a $200bn annual economic stimulus package each year because lead levels in children plummeted when the US Environmental Protection Agency moved to protect children....

    the Guardian