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  • Editorial: The U.S. Supreme Court's gift to political parties in power

    The U.S. Supreme Court let democracy down on Thursday.Given the chance to correct some of the worst abuses of parties in power -- the extreme misshaping of legislative districts to make it easier for their members to get elected -- the newly installed conservative majority threw up its hands and said there was nothing it could do.With the wrongheaded rationale that judicial oversight of such partisan abuses couldn’t be “politically neutral,” the [

    The Palm Beach Post
  • This devastating political cartoon made a powerful point about Trump. Then the cartoonist got fired.

    Canadian cartoonist Michael de Adder has been fired by the publishing company Brunswick News, Inc. (BNI) following an anti-Trump cartoon that depicted President Donald Trump playing golf near the drowned bodies of two migrants. The cartoon depicts Mexican migrant Oscar Alberto Martinez and his 23-month-old daughter lying face down in the water after trying to cross the [

  • This editorial cartoon satirizing Trump’s cruel border policy deemed too hot for Canadian publisher

    Editorial cartoonists, who are hired by news organizations to lacerate the political scene in images, rarely make the news outside of instances in which their publishers have proven to be too skittish to allow them to do the job for which they were hired in the first place. This weekend, it was Canadian syndicated cartoonist [