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  • Apple faces antitrust investigation in Europe over Apple Music and Apple News

    Apple is facing a Dutch antitrust investigation into whether it favors its own apps over those of rival developers. It looks likely to have an initial focus on Apple Music and Apple News, but will probably extend to other app categories, and may also include Google’s Play store. Spotify has already filed a complaint with the European Commission, alleging that Apple Music has an unfair advantage over Spotify, and today’s report references that and says that ‘apps for news media’ is another focus

  • Apple solves the accidental App Store subscription problem

    If you own an iPhone with Touch ID, you'll know how easy it is to accidentally trigger an App Store subscription. It turns out Apple knew about the problem and quietly decided to fix it. As 9To5Mac reports, the problem stems from the way in which subscription prompts would pop-up on-screen. You naturally respond by touching the Home button to dismiss the pop-up, but instead the placing of your finger on the button instigates the Touch ID authentication and confirms the subscription sign-up....

  • Apple now asks you to confirm App Store subscriptions

    It's a bit too easy to accidentally pay for a subscription through the Apple App Store if you use TouchID -- all it takes is a misplaced finger on the home screen. Now, the tech giant is finally addressing the issue by adding an extra step to the pro