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  • Make Donald Trump Great Again

    Douglas A. Macgregor Security, Americas If the president continues to waver on issues of vital importance to the country, then he will join the pantheon of failed presidents. Candidate Donald Trump won the presidency because he talked tough in ways no presidential candidate has done in recent memory, maybe ever. Trump left no sacred cow unscathed with searing attacks on the Iraq War, bad trade deals, Sen. John McCain, and the most sacred cow of them all—illegal immigration. Trump’s words...

    The National Interest
  • Donald Trump Did Not Coin the Phrase “Make America Great Again”

    Imitation may be the greatest form of flattery, but President Donald Trump isn’t in the habit of paying respects to his forebears. The press is doing everything within their power to fight the magnificence of the phrase, MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! They can’t stand the fact that this Administration has done more than virtually any [

    Mother Jones
  • Cory Booker: Donald Trump sanctuary city plan for migrants seeks to make U.S. ‘less safe’

    Sen. Cory Booker says the U.S. will be "less safe" if President Trump manages to follow through and send sanctuary cities additional migrants. The New Jersey politician and 2020 presidential hopeful told CBS that giving sanctuary cities the illegal immigrants they claim to want is tantamount to "injecting fear" into

    The Washington Times
  • Ivanka Trump "likes" Melania "fine" because she didn’t cause Donald Trump’s divorce with her mother, says Ivana Trump

    Melania Trump "didn’t cause me to break up the marriage like the other one—I don’t even want to pronounce her name," Ivana Trump said, referring to Marla Maples.