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  • Mexico's President Says The War On Drugs Is Over...Not All Mexicans Agree

    Authored by Madeleine Wattenberger via, AMLO’s new drug policies are a gamble, with implications on everything from internal displacements to international relations

    Zero Hedge
  • Illegal Immigration Must Be Addressed At The Source, Johnson Says

    Rachel Martin talks to Jeh Johnson, former Homeland Security secretary, about the surge of migrants trying to cross into the U.S. from the border with Mexico. NPR's Joel Rose comments on the topic.
  • US says immigrants can be denied citizenship over marijuana ties

    Marijuana possession, production and distribution, even in states where it is legal, will remain a barrier in many cases to immigrants hoping to gain US citizenship, the federal government said. Violation of controlled substance laws, including marijuana, "remains a conditional bar to establishing good moral character for naturalization," USCIS said in a policy alert issued Friday. "Marijuana remains illegal under federal law as a Schedule I controlled substance regardless of any actions to...