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  • Are Republicans having a ball with your health care insurance?

    Have they come out ahead?

    Washington Post
  • Why Do Republicans #Persist in Adding Government to Health Care?

    Welcome to Tweetlandia.  The shambling wreck of a carcass our once great nation has become. One of the very many trends that exists in Tweetlandia – is the diminution of all thought.  Often down to Twitter hashtag length – and depth. One such Leftist hashtag pseudo-thought – is the anti-everything-to-the-Right-of-Karl-Marx #Persist.  It’s one-word-brevity is of particular assistance to its Leftist wielders. In Tweetlandia, the | Read More

  • Republicans make U-turn on health care

    Senate Republicans are reversing course and now taking a hard look at health care legislation to replace the 2010 Affordable Care Act in case the courts strike down former President Obama's signature achievement.Th

  • How DTC health care brands are plotting their growth strategies

    Direct-to-consumer health care brands are starting to grow up, but still face an uncertain road ahead as some doctors express concern about the rapid growth of telemedicine. Companies like Ro and Hims, which got their starts selling generic erectile dysfunction and hair loss medication respectively direct-to-consumer, have now grown to encompass multiple brands The post How DTC health care brands are plotting their growth strategies appeared first on Digiday.