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  • The Mueller Report Is Out, Learn Exclusively What’s Coming Next – There’s a Lot of Good News But a Lot of Bad News

    On this broadcast, Jones will dive into the plethora of information surrounding the Mueller report and break down what it means for the future of America.
  • NBC News/WSJ Poll: Does Mueller’s report clear Trump?

    The latest NBC News and Wall Street Journal poll asks whether Robert Mueller’s report clears President Trump. MSNBC’s David Gura and a panel of guests break down the polling results.
  • As Mueller Report news breaks, aide talks Trump’s demands for lies

    Former Trump campaign adviser and grand jury witness Sam Nunberg responds to Mueller’s findings in his 448-page report, saying the report shows, “You’re not useful to [Trump] when you tell the truth.” Former Justice Department spokesman Matt Miller and former federal prosecutor Gene Rossi concluded it was likely Trump would have been charged with crimes for the same activity were he not the sitting president.
  • Mueller’s Report: Trump’s Vindication?

    Curt Mills Donald Trump, United States The culmination of the special counsel’s two-year investigation has some asking where the time went. “There’s a difference between exoneration and vindication,” liberal legal analyst and George Washington University professor Jonathan Turley said on CBS news Thursday, following Attorney General Bill Barr’s press conference ahead of the release of Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s long-awaited report. So President Donald Trump has, at a bare minimum,...

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