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  • If mankading doesn't fit into cricket, change the rule

    The Kings XI Punjab captain said his conscience was clear and that his character couldn't be judged from his decision to run Jos Buttler out

  • The NFL's ridiculous draft rules hurt the league

    Every year, NFL teams hope to supplement their existing rosters in the NFL Draft, which allows them to pick up some of the best amateur football talent in the country — but the market is not totally free.

    Washington Examiner
  • How nuclear plants are gaming climate-change rules

    In state after state, operators have figured out how turn green-power incentives into sweetheart deals.

    The Agenda
  • The NFL has a rule that basically turns the commissioner into God

    Because Goodell doesn’t have enough power. Believe it or not, NFL fans have, at times, believed their favorite team got a raw deal. For instance, In 1982, the Miami Dolphins lost a cold, snowy game in New England, 3-0, because the Patriots used a snowplow to clear off the part of the field where they were attempting a game-winning field goal. The NFL tried to prepare for such an occurrence by developing what is known as the palpably unfair act. That is, it’s a device to give officials the...
  • Dis-May: When All Else Fails, Change The Rules

    Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, The Tory party appears ready to do what I proposed months ago: Change the rules to get rid of Theresa May. Under Tory party rules, a leadership challenge can only happen once every 365 days. Prime Minister Theresa May survived a leadership challenge last December. However, the party is considering a rules change to allow more frequent challenges. A leadership challenge is similar to a vote of no confidence except only members of the Tory party vote....

    Zero Hedge
  • Stop Fighting Yourself: The NFL Is Ruling The World, And You Love It

    With the collapse of the Alliance of American Football, the National Football League is showing (again) it's indestructible. The NFL has survived so much stuff, and it only gets stronger by the moment. So deal with it.

  • Sisi could rule Egypt until 2030 under constitutional changes

    MPs to vote on granting president control over judiciary and boosting military power Egypt’s parliament is to vote on a bill of sweeping constitutional changes this week that would increase President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s power and allow him to rule until 2030. MPs are expected to overwhelmingly confirm the bill on Tuesday, triggering a referendum. The proposed reforms, which were moved swiftly through committee hearings and parliamentary debates, would grant Sisi control over the judiciary,...

    the Guardian