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  • Trump's hard line approach appears to soften in meetings with world leaders

    WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump entered his meeting with President Xi Jinping over the weekend promising to take a tough approach on trade negotiations and pressure his Chinese counterpart into a sweeping deal. But the meeting did not produce an agreement - and Trump's stance seemed to only soften as he announced he was relaxing limits on Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei and delaying new tariffs on Chinese goods in hopes of restarting trade talks with Beijing. "We discussed a lot...

  • The Finance 202: Trump's deal with China offers less than meets the eye

    And no 'amnesty,' says Kudlow, for Huawei.
  • 'He pulled the wool over our eyes': workers blame Trump for moving jobs overseas

    Trump pledged to stop ‘offshoring’ but manufacturing workers at GE and Carrier say Trump has broken his campaign promise Next Friday, Eddie Martin will work his last day at the General Electric plant in Salem, Virginia, after working there for seven years. Related: Trump denies 'ever threatening to demote’ Fed chairman Jerome Powell Continue reading

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