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  • Election at 20: assessing the high school satire's brutal politics

    Reese Witherspoon’s ruthless go-getter remains fascinatingly toxic in Alexander Payne’s bleak and biting political comedy There’s a big M Night Shyamalan twist in the final minutes of Election, Alexander Payne’s searing 1999 high school satire. Tracy Flick, the irritating overachiever indelibly played by a breakout Reese Witherspoon, is a Republican. Throughout the film, Payne prefers to think about politics in the abstract, as an illusory choice between interchangeable versions of the same...

    the Guardian
  • High school political radicalism course invites speakers with controversial views

    Seniors at one suburban Ohio school can take an elective on political radicalism, called “poli-rad,” that exposes them to the uncensored views of people like former radical activist Bill Ayers of Weather Underground. Students there say the course is a “lesson in tolerance” that exposes them to the real world.

    NBC News
  • Connecticut Family Claims Student Was Expelled From Prep School For Having 'Politically Incorrect Views': Lawyer

    Jamie Sullivan, the Mancini family's attorney, told Newsweek that Cheshire Academy failed to "honor a promise to allow a student to express his conservative views open and freely."

  • This High School’s ‘Political Radicalism’ Class Lets Students Hear From Far-Right and Far-Left Speakers

    High school seniors in suburban Columbus, Ohio, get to take a class that could well be banned on many college campuses: a political science course where speakers from the most radical groups—from neo-Nazis to die-hard communists—are invited to present their views and answer questions. Thomas Worthington High School has offered "U.S. Political Thought and Radicalism," or "Poli-Rad," since 1975. That's the year teacher Tom Molnar, now retired, came up with the idea for the class, got it approved,...