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  • Microsoft’s cheaper, disc-less Xbox One S sounds like a good buy in 2019

    Microsoft has just unveiled the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, a new version of its gaming console that doesn’t include a disc drive. It’s cheaper by $50 than the standard Xbox One S at $249, and it’ll arrive in stores on May 7. The company’s ad for the new variant is all about how obvious this evolution is, and Microsoft’s right. It already has a robust system for delivering titles over the internet to your console, and broadband speeds and download caps are increasingly improving around the...

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  • Government subsidized creationist Noah’s Ark museum one of Tucker Carlson’s last advertisers after Fox News boycott

    Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson continues to lose advertisers due to a boycott of his show. One of Carlson’s remaining advertiser’s on Monday night was the Ark Encounter, the $92 million Kentucky theme park built by creationist Ken Ham. The controversial theme park was built with millions in government subsidies — wrecking Grant County. Attendance has reportedly collapsed at the park. Ham has blamed atheists and the press for reporting on poor attendance numbers. Tonight's

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  • The problem isn’t Fox News, it’s the media’s obsession with Fox News

    (The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) Michael J. Socolow, University of Maine (THE CONVERSATION) The American press seems fixated on Fox News and its owners,