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  • Italian court jails 24 over South American Operation Condor

    Dictatorships of six countries conspired to kidnap and kill political opponents in 1970s An Italian court has sentenced 24 people to life in prison for their involvement in Operation Condor, in which the dictatorships of six South American countries conspired to kidnap and assassinate political opponents in each other’s territories. Related: How an Argentinian man learned his 'father' may have killed his real parents Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • African-American/not African-American

    How identity politics undercuts Democratic election efforts.
  • Video: LSU Reveals $28M Renovated Football Operations Building with Beds

    LSU hasn't won an SEC championship since the 2011 season or a national championship since the 2007 season, but the Tigers at least have championship-level facilities

    Bleacher Report