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  • LGBTQ anti-discrimination bill passes House

    Republican efforts failed Friday to thwart the passage of a bill to extend federal anti-discrimination protections to LGBTQ Americans.

  • House passes bills to lower drug prices

    The House on Thursday passed a health care package that included several bipartisan bills to lower drug costs, but without the support of most Republicans because it also included legislation to strengthen Obamacare. The vote was 234-183. Five Republicans voted to approve the package. Republican representatives, most of whom would have likely supported the drug pricing bills if they were brought up alone, cried foul, saying Democratic leaders had attached the Obamacare legislation as a poison...

  • House passes first climate change bill

    The House of Representatives passed its first major piece of legislation addressing climate change on Thursday, aiming to prevent the US from leaving the Paris climate agreement. The bill passed, 231-190. Three Republicans joined with Democrats to support the legislation. It prohibits the use of federal funds from being used to withdraw from the treaty -- an agreement that's been sharply criticized by President Donald Trump. He's vowed to withdraw from the treaty, which wouldn't happen until...