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  • Breaking news: Street dance moves closer to Olympic debut at Paris 2024

    Breaking among four sports Paris looks to add for 2024 programFinal decision on added sports to be made in December 2020Breakdancing, known as breaking in Olympic circles, moved a step closer to the 2024 Olympics on Tuesday, and now organizers can look to book a street venue in Paris. The sport’s medal debut was last October at the Buenos Aires Youth Summer Games. The street dance competitions will have 16 athletes in each of the men’s and women’s medal events in Paris. Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • [Update: iOS 13 apps] Best CarPlay apps for iPhone

    CarPlay is Apple’s feature that brings communication and entertainment functions to the built-in screen in your car using iPhone apps. The feature appears on a lot of aftermarket displays and new cars that you can buy today. As CarPlay support shows up from more manufacturers, we’re also seeing more developers enable CarPlay capabilities in their own apps. Once you install these apps on your iPhone, they appear on your CarPlay-enabled display when you connect your iPhone. Read on for the growing...

  • Fake news generating AIs could be the best weapons to fight fake news

    An AI that writes convincing fake news articles is more accurate than other algorithms at differentiating fake from real news

    New Scientist
  • Apple says go to Best Buy for repairs. A Best Buy salesman gave me the bad news

    Apple says it has expanded its authorized service network to 1,000 Best Buy stores. A visit to a Best Buy, however, reveals some of the catches. They're quite big.