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  • First date questions to help break the ice

    hen it comes to dating we all know that first meet-up is crucial. Whether or not you’ve laid some groundwork beforehand by chatting on a dating app, or striking up conversation in real life, the date itself is the make-or-break scenario that will determine whether that second meet-up is on the cards.

    The Telegraph
  • Trump’s Potemkin diplomacy in North Korea

    It’s undeniable: President Trump’s photo-op meeting with Kim Jong Un in the demilitarized zone that separates North and South Korea on Sunday made great television. “This is a historic moment,” Trump said for the cameras, in case anyone missed the point. But was it also great statecraft — or merely
  • How North Korea’s Leader Gets His Luxury Cars

    Kim Jong-un parades around in Mercedes-Benzes and a Rolls-Royce, despite sanctions intended to keep North Korea from importing luxury goods. We tracked how they get there.