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  • Donald Trump: 'Sleepy Joe' Biden Reminding Me of 'Crooked Hillary'

    "He makes his stance in Iowa every two weeks and then mentions my name 74 times in one speech," Trump said. "That reminds me of Crooked Hillary, she did the same thing."

  • Joe Biden's Creepiest Moments Since He Was Accused Of Inappropriate Touching

    The last thing anyone needs this election season is a new reason to cringe. We already have one of those — he’s loud, orange, and obsessed with tariffs. But lo! Joe Biden, the front-running presidential candidate who can’t keep his hands to himself, wants to keep making jokes about it. While Biden’s seemingly pathological need to touch those around him is off-putting (who among us really wants anyone — much less a 76-year-old former vice president — sniffing our heads?), and was at the center...

  • Donald Trump: Joe Biden obsession recalls ‘Crooked Hillary’ Clinton

    President Trump rolled out perhaps his ultimate insult of former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Tuesday, telling an Iowa audience that Mr. Biden "reminds me of 'Crooked Hillary.'" Speaking at an ethanol plant in Council Bluffs, Mr. Trump noted that Mr. Biden was also campaigning in the same state at

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