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  • Here’s What’s New on Hulu and What’s Leaving in February 2020

    Hulu has dropped their list of titles coming to the streaming platform next month, and it is a doozy. My personal pick of the litter is the 1993 thriller The Fugitive, starring Harrison Ford as Dr. Richard Kimble, a man falsely imprisoned for the murder of his wife. He goes on the run after his prison bus is involved in a pretty spectacular accident involving a speeding train, and now he will stop at nothing until he finds the real killer. Tommy Lee Jones won his first (and to date only) Academy...

  • China Roundup: Tencent’s new US gaming studio and WeChat’s new paywall

    Hello and welcome back to TechCrunch’s China Roundup, a digest of recent events shaping the Chinese tech landscape and what they mean to people in the rest of the world. The spotlight this week is back on Tencent, which has made some interesting moves in gaming and content publishing. There will be no roundup next [
  • Why Sweden Ended Its Negative Interest Rate Experiment

    Why Sweden Ended Its Negative Interest Rate Experiment Authored by Daniel Lacalle via The Mises Institute, Negative rates are the destruction of money, an economic aberration based on the mistakes of many central banks and some of their economists, who start with a wrong diagnosis: the idea that economic agents do not take more credit or invest more because they choose to save too much and that therefore saving must be penalized to stimulate the economy. Excuse the bluntness, but...

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