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  • Merck is betting that a mysterious new HIV medicine can upend a $20 billion market, using tech borrowed from birth control

    A promising new HIV drug could one day be implanted in the body, upending the current paradigm of daily pills. The medicine, MK-8591, is being developed by US drug giant Merck. That could give Merck an edge in a market expected to top $21 billion by 2026, though it's still early days. Merck has been tight-lipped about the project so far. Business Insider spoke with two top scientists about the drug and implant tech, and with HIV experts and others about how the effort could fare. Visit Business...

    Business Insider
  • Reclaiming the Future

    One day last February, I found myself seated on stage, rather incongruously, between the neoconservative Never Trumper–turned–Resistance hero Bill Kristol and my friend Natasha Lennard, a radical anti-fascist writer and activist I first met at Occupy Wall Street back in 2011. We had all made our way to the New School for the closing panel of “Liberalism and Democracy: Past, Present, Prospects,” a conference organized by professors James Miller and Helena Rosenblatt, authors of two recently...

    The New Republic
  • Dow Suffers Longest Weekly Losing Streak Of Year As Fed Loses Control Of Short-End

    The Fed's tweak to the funding markets failed to take back control

    Zero Hedge
  • This wearable band can control your body temperature

    Everyone loves to be comfortable, but what you consider to be a perfect temperature might be drastically different than the temperature preferred by a person sitting just a couple feet away. Whether you work in a large office, or even just live with one or more other people, you know that battles over thermostat settings

    New York Post
  • Control What You Can When Volatility Shakes Market Confidence

    Clearly the stock market is out of your personal control, but there are three specific things you can do to hang onto more of your retirement money regardless of what's rocking Wall Street.
  • How Trump Can Transform Nuclear Arms Control

    Richard Burt, Jon Wolfsthal Arms Control, United States The president now has the opportunity not only to rescue nuclear arms control but to transform it. He should seize it. President Donald Trump has tweeted that he wants to prevent a dangerous and costly nuclear arms race between the United States and Russia, and prevent a new one with China, by negotiating a new three-way treaty among those nuclear states. The president’s new interest in nuclear arms control, in part, may stem from the...

    The National Interest
  • Can the Birth Control Pill Boost Fertility?

    A study shows that women who've stopped taking oral contraceptives after five years can conceive just as easily as non-users.