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  • Weissman: Has Trump pushed us into a constitutional crisis? Yes

    America is living through a constitutional crisis — and it didn’t start when President Donald Trump announced that his administration would stonewall all congressional subpoenas and try to thwart the legislature’s oversight efforts.The U.S. Constitution imposes on a Congress a duty to conduct effective oversight as part of its legislative duties. George Mason of Virginia said at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 that members of Congress “are not only [

    The Palm Beach Post
  • EDITORIAL: Trump immigration proposal would begin to resolve the crisis at the border

    When the winds of change begin to blow, it’s hard to predict where the consequences will settle. The migrant masses congregating at the borders have gone airborne, threatening to overfly President Trump and his proposal for orderly immigration that preserves national sovereignty. The immigration chaos is undeniably a crisis, and the government’s idea for spreading the chaos by air threatens to make the crisis impossible to contain.

    The Washington Times
  • Pelosi says border situation 'is a crisis' and blames Trump

    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a Thursday press conference that the southern border is a “crisis,” and held President Trump responsible.

    Washington Examiner