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  • Yes, Donald Trump is making the shootings all about himself

    President Donald Trump was obviously irate with the fact that many in the media blamed him for stoking the anti-immigrant bigotry behind the recent mass shooting in El Paso, Texas. But like the much of the media, Trump can’t help but make everything about himself, as his response to the El Paso slaughter and the [
  • Trump's policy causing pain on both sides of the border

    Child service agencies are grappling with caring for children separated from parents arrested during the ICE raids in Mississippi. Cal Perry tells Ali Velshi about the strain that the overflow of migrants and deportations from the U.S. is putting on Mexico. Stephanie Valencia and Joyce Vance also join.
  • Yes, Trump tweeted something racist this morning

    President Donald Trump on Saturday resumed his promotion of a far right commentator who called for a “final solution” after a terrorist attack in the United Kingdom and blamed Jewish support for immigration for provoking the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue last year. On Saturday morning, Trump twice retweeted British pundit Katie Hopkins, who first gained prominence as [

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