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  • Hammond 'will will back May's legacy spending spree IF she allows No Deal Brexit free vote'

    With Mr Hammond certain to follow Mrs May out of Downing Street he has offered to back some investment if she drops the party whip over Brexit planning votes, the Times reported.

    Mail Online
  • The Pentagon Will Never Have Enough

    William J. Astore For decades, the Pentagon has shored up its power and consumed too much of our national budget. Will we ever escape its pull? The post The Pentagon Will Never Have Enough appeared first on The Nation.

    The Nation
  • US: ‘We will never divorce’

    In one of my regular engagements with key people from the US Defense and State Departments, one of the officials from the Department of Defense half-jokingly told me: “We will never give you a divorce.” To which I replied: “That’s alright – we don’t have divorce in the Philippines anyway.” by Babe Romualdez