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  • Trump says war will mean 'official end of Iran,' warns 'never threaten the United States again'

    President Trump fired a social media shot at the Iranian regime Sunday afternoon, vowing that war between Washington and Tehran would result in "the official end of Iran" before warning, "[n]ever threaten the United States again!"

    Fox News
  • How Will Game of Thrones End? Westeros Could End Up In a Cold War

    Matthew Reisener Security, The final season of Game of Thrones has been replete with shocking twists and turns. Given the show’s excellent track record of embedding real world international relations theory within its fantasy universe, don’t be surprised if a renewed great power competition between the Stark and Targaryen forces is one of the final twists the show has in store. HBO’s groundbreaking television series Game of Thrones has forced its audience to confront unexpected and...

    The National Interest
  • This World War II Battle Defies the History Books (It Was Fought After the War Ended)

    WarIsBoring Security, On V.E. Day — May 8, the day Germany capitulated to the Allies — Allied authorities hoped that the defenders of Odžak would follow. Rajkovačić, however, refused to surrender, and on May 9 the Partisans, in a tactic worthy of the trenches of World War I, brought artillery and bombarded the Ustaša positions before launching a disastrous frontal assault, which was met with an Ustaša counter-attack. When the Croatian armed forces surrendered on May 15, Rajkovačić again...

    The National Interest
  • U.S. and China end talks without deal to end widening trade war

    With fresh tariffs in place and President Trump insisting he’s in no hurry for a trade deal, top U.S. and Chinese officials ended talks Friday in Washington without reaching an agreement or providing immediate word of future negotiations. The two sides had reconvened Friday morning after a last-ditch