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  • AMD and Cray are building the 'world's most powerful supercomputer'

    The US may be set to hang onto the crown of having the world's most powerful supercomputer for some time. Cray Computing and AMD are building an exascale machine with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The system is set to debut in 2021, the same yea
  • Do the USA women need to win the World Cup to win it all?

    The World Cup and an ongoing gender discrimination lawsuit against the US Soccer Federation will coalesce into a summer of the highest stakes for the USWNT When the US women’s national team takes the field in France in June, they will be fighting for their football lives on the world’s biggest stage. But off the field, an even bigger battle will be plodding along: the players’ lawsuit over equal pay. The Women’s World Cup kicks off next month and an ongoing gender discrimination lawsuit against...

    the Guardian
  • How CPUs are Designed and Built, Part 3: Building the Chip

    In this third installment we explore how the physics of how transistors work, how their individual components are built in silicon, and how they are connected to create useful circuits and chips. How do you transform a pile of sand into an advanced processor? Let's find out.