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  • Pentagon’s Push for War With Russia

    Trump slams NYT piece on US escalating cyber attacks on Russia’s power grid
  • 6 good minutes is all the Warriors need

    The Raptors are dominating the NBA Finals but for six minutes in Game 2, but those six minutes changed everything. For five minutes and 40 seconds to open the second half of Game 2 of the NBA Finals, the Warriors scored 18 unanswered points. Golden State flustered the Raptors with some defensive tweaks — putting Klay Thompson on Kawhi Leonard full-time, throwing Andre Iguodala on Pascal Siakam, and moving Draymond Green onto Kyle Lowry to give Toronto a different, more difficult look. The...
  • Russia warns US is trying to 'provoke war' with Iran

    Russia's government on Tuesday accused the Trump administration of attempting to provoke a war with Iran, calling recent U.S. actions in the Middle East "reckless."