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  • Mathematics can save lives at sea

    Hundreds of people die at sea every year due to vessel and airplane accidents. Emergency teams have little time to rescue those in the water because the probability of finding a person alive plummets after six hours. Beyond tides and challenging weather conditions, unsteady coastal currents often make search and rescue operations exceedingly difficult.
  • How the 'Plandemic' conspiracy theory took hold

    In just a few days, the bogus Covid-19 claims of a discredited research scientist spread to millions via YouTube, Facebook and other video-sharing sitesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageTo have one viral sensation, Oscar Wilde might have said, is unfortunate. But to have two smacks of carelessness. And that’s what we have. The first is Covid-19, about which much printer’s ink has already been spilled. The second is Plandemic, a 26-minute “documentary” video featuring Dr...

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  • offering sun, sea, sand and safety

    First tourists will arrive in July as holiday hotspots, beaches, hotels and restaurants embrace new social distancing rulesCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThey’ve picked apart the holiday experience, lingering on moments such as breakfast buffets, poolside lounging and golf tee times. As officials in Spain’s Canary Islands gear up to receive tourists as early as July, every aspect of travel is being recast against the backdrop of Covid-19. “We call it a global...

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