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  • Good news — and bad news — from Greece

    Greece is back. But its trauma lingers.

    Washington Post
  • Bad News Is Good News On Payroll Friday

    Authored by Bryce Coward via Knowledge Leaders Capital blog, All eyes will be on today's payroll report for clues about what it means for the Fed’s next move. Indeed, the payroll report will be the most important US economic data point between now and the Fed’s next meeting at the end of July, so the stakes are high and expectations have been set. In this post we’ll highlight how this payroll report could either beat or miss expectations and what each case could mean for bonds, stocks, the USD...

    Zero Hedge
  • Apple Might Start Ditching Its Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Laptop Keyboards Later This Year

    There hasn’t been an Apple product as universally maligned and hated as the company’s low profile butterfly keyboards since the Newton PDA. Introduced in 2015 to help MacBooks achieve thinner designs, even Gizmodo staffers have had keys on their laptops that broke, or inexplicably just stopped working. As a result, the company expanded its Keyboard Service Program to fix any problems, and even upgraded the keyboard’s materials; but 2019 could actually see Apple finally switch to a better...
  • The Sports Report: It's good news, bad news for the Dodgers

    Howdy, my name is Houston Mitchell and it was so hot Monday that I saw two trees fighting over a dog.

    Los Angeles Times