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  • Stranger Things season 3 review: The best season yet

    Combining the best of the first season with comedy and color, Stranger Things 3 is a warm, summer hit.

  • The Best CPUs Ever Made

    There've been a lot of chips designed and built over the past 40 years, but only a handful deserve to be called the best of the best. We round 'em up, across workstation, desktops, laptops, and mobile. The post The Best CPUs Ever Made appeared first on ExtremeTech.

  • This season's best ski and snowboard festivals

    From igloo raves to après-fuelled laughter here's where to have a blast and a boogie in ski resorts

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  • July is season for college football media days

    Get ready for college football coaches to recite cliches seemingly a million times, such as how anxious they are to start the season, how great of an offseason their players have had in the weight room and how great the characters of their players are. The start of July might mean that summer activities are in full swing, but it also represents the arrival of college football media days. Each team will bring a group of players selected by the head coach to its conference media day, and coaches...