'Fox News brain': meet the families torn apart by toxic cable news

the Guardian -

the Guardian—Fox News built a wall between Luke O’Neil and his mother, and he’s just one of many families split by its viral ideology I love my mother. She is one of the kindest and sweetest people you will ever meet and I would be nothing without her. I’ve never heard her say a bad word about anyone, never mind anything overtly terrible, like the type of thing, for example, you might hear from Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity. But I do know, much to my dismay, that she has watched them on TV a lot over the...

Horror stories show how 'Fox News Brain' is ripping apart American families. Columnist Luke O’Neil has lost his mother to a condition that he describes as “Fox News Brain” — and it turns out he’s not alone. In a new piece published by The Guardian, O’Neil shares horror stories from other Americans who have seen relationships with their families decline thanks to their addiction to watching Fox News. The people who shared their stories with O’Neil all said that they still loved their parents and other relatives,