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  • What’s next for Israel’s Netanyahu now that he’s been indicted?

    Netanyahu’s legal troubles could last four more years. Meanwhile, he’s not obligated to leave office (for now).

    Washington Post
  • Why the Rockets are the NBA’s most polarizing team

    James Harden and the Rockets play a polarizing style. NBA fans either love the Rockets, or they hate them. There’s no in between. The Rockets are breaking basketball with an incredible commitment to taking the most efficient shots in the game, yet fans aren’t embracing them in the ways they once did the Golden State Warriors. Twenty games in, James Harden is producing the best scoring season anyone aside from Wilt Chamberlain has ever played, the Rockets are playing with the third-best...
  • Luka and LeBron, The NBA’s Odd Couple

    Wunderkind Luka Doncic shares the spotlight with LeBron James when the Dallas Mavericks meet the Los Angeles Lakers Sunday afternoon in a game worthy of prime-time network exposure.