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  • The British sucked up to Trump during his visit even though the rest of Europe thinks he’s ‘insane’: MSNBC contributor

    During a panel of discussion on Donald Trump’s United Kingdom sojourn, an MSNBC contributor said that many countries ignored his antics and that Europe in general considers the so-called leader of the free world “insane.” Speaking with AM Joy host Joy Reid, MSNBC contributor Christopher Dickey was asked about Trump’s decision to sign a D-Day [

  • "Europe Will Not Be Europe"

    Authored by Guy Milliere via The Gatestone Institute, In the United Kingdom, the Brexit Party victory at 31.6% of the vote was a remarkable achievement that showed the persistent willingness of millions of Britons to leave the European Union. The "populist" positions -- the defense of national sovereignty and European civilization, refusal of uncontrolled immigration and diktats of Brussels technocrats -- have gained ground. The parties that have ruled Europe for decades obtained weak...

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  • Brexit ‘shambles’ has ruined UK reputation, says senior diplomat

    Outgoing high commissioner in Singapore says Britain seen as divided and ‘careless of truth’ Scott Wightman, Britain’s outgoing senior diplomat in Singapore, has said Britain is now seen worldwide as a country beset by division, obsessed with ideology and careless of truth. In a valedictory note, he compared Brexit to the fall of Singapore in 1942 and said major investors expect future investment in Europe to be directed more towards Germany and France. Continue reading

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  • Sketch: This D-Day veteran thinks Brexit is the worst idea – we should listen to him

    Ninety-four-year-old Eric Chardin spoke fiercely articulately on live television for 15 minutes. His words were worth a thousand times more than any marching band or military fly-past

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