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  • Let's Reform The Way Hate Crimes Are Reported And Tracked

    LGBT people are repeatedly taught to be afraid of anti-LGBT hate crimes. But without accurate data that is based on more than unreliable self-reporting, that culture of fear is unlikely to improve.

    The Federalist
  • Trump and his fans and defenders are wallowing in the language of hate crimes

    Many observers, with good cause, have decried Donald Trump’s vicious attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar and her fellow progressive congresswomen of color and the frightening chants—“Send her home!”—his fanatical followers in North Carolina started up all on their own, responding to Trump’s vituperation about Omar, as nakedly racist, not to mention dangerous. Many have remarked on the fascism dripping from every word, and suggested that what we saw Wednesday in Greenville was a new Nuremberg, Trump’s...
  • Man convicted of hate crimes for yelling slurs, threats

    A Portland man has been found guilty of two hate crimes after calling two African American boys a racist slur and threatening them with a knife.
  • Knife crime in England and Wales rises 8% over year

    Police record 43,000 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument, official data shows Knife crime-related offences rose by 8% in England and Wales in the past year, government figures have shown. Between April 2018 and March 2019, police forces recorded 43,516 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument, in comparison with 40,215 in the year ending March 2018. Continue reading

    the Guardian